Nicole Maiden

Nicole Maiden
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"When did you start to mix and which style do you prefer ?"

"I started to mix on my own decks in 1996 but i had started before this too on an old friends decks in about 1993. I started mixing with all the old underground techno vinyl like hardfloor,and alot of stuff on harthouse,and other say my style is still techno,but also some is house,tech house and electro..really mainly i like progressive dance music."

"Did you already make musical productions? If yes, are they on vinyl (EP) ?"

"I havnt had any releases out on vinyl yet,as only just started to learn more about production in past couple of years or so but have previously used some different software and am experimenting with some new combinations..yes im working on getting something released;)."

"What attracts you in this occupation of DJ/Producer ?"

"Really i have always been into music in one form or another since childhood.I used to play different instruments,sing,dance etc from a very young age music was always a main passion. So really its just continued from this.. i love electronic music..and being able to express myself throught it.It is such a diverse type of music and the possibilities are endless.."

Interview made by Oxensa

Nicole Maiden was born in Bradford on the 26th of October 1972 where music and dance became a centering focus of her life from childhood.Vinyl took part in this right from the start and she has been influenced by a huge range of different genres which is what now adds to the fullness and quality of sounds she delivers in her sets.

She mixes with a heavy focus on deep often dramatic techno beats as well as really groovy and funky house sounds and she incorporates anything from harder edge techno, funked up with dubby and vocal inserts, to a more chilled housey sound with tropical,tribal and electro influences.

This all depends on the time and the place,but her passion and enthusiasm for the music radiating out form behind the dj booth is far from easily forgotton.

In the late 80's the dance thing began taking over her wide musical interest which all started after visiting the Hacienda in around 1990 and being "pinned to the dancefloor"by one of Sascha's groovy sets,and then discovering one crazy evening in Bradford, that the Shamen's album En-Tact was totally amazing and reached out far beyond her other musical favourites in a completely new but fascinating way.There was no going back!

The steady flow of incoming rave tapes from an old friend at university and some 1210's to try out in 1993 was a great start to the next phase of trying out mixing these new sounds.With a FANTASTIC collection of many techno and house classics of this time at hand this certainly was an omen of things to come.

It was artists like Sven Vath,Oliver Lieb,Laurent Garnier,Carl Cox and alot of other Detroit,Berlin,and UK producers,and labels such as Harthouse,which she recalls stood out and made her want to mix for hours on end and in 1996 after finishing at the uni she got hold of her own decks and went on to take it up as a full time hobby.


Nicole then went on to play regularly all over Liverpool, firstly at house parties,and alot of outdoor events whilst still visiting some of the best clubs around in the UK at that time.The Orbit and Cream became her regulars earlier on,and later she worked in Voodoo every weekend seeing alot of her favourite live acts and dj's.The natural progression from party dj to playing in clubs started when she arranged herself a gig in 1999 supporting Ade Fenton in Nottingham's Marcus Garvey Centre.

Since then Nicole has started to dj in Germany,mostly in Frankfurt in the infamous Vinyl Bar,the U60,Hafen2 and Tanzhaus West for example and is currently expanding,teaming up with various artists there.She has also been putting out mixes on verious internet radio stations over the past couple of years,such as Future Music and Proton,Technofm etc.Production has admittedly been on the backburner recently,as Nicole is currently working on the business side of the industry too with the aim to realise some other projects which are in the pipeline,but it is something she hopes to work on more again now to put some of her production and director skills in the forefront.

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